Lay It On The Line

[Hardcore Punk] 
(United Kingdom) 

 Lay It On The Line - Vigilance (Out 22nd Oct 2013)

 Track Listing: 
1) Condemned (Parts I & II) 
2) Petticoat Lane 
3) ...And That Photo Made Me Feel Ill 
4) You Little Ripper

 'Vigilance' is Lay It On The Line's 5th release in just 18 months of activity (1 demo, 3 EPs and a split with Belgium's Arizona). It is about George Hutchinson, a witness following the death of Mary Jane Kelly in Whitechapel in 1888. The EP was recorded by Neil Kennedy (More Than Life, Landscapes, Departures) and is certainly, sonically, the band's best release to date. 

 Lay It On The Line formed in 2012 in South London and feature ex-members of Phinius Gage and Hang The Bastard. This is the band's debut release on long-running UK label Lockjaw Records (Wake The Dead, Trails, Antillectual, Drones).


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