Under The Sunrise

(Berlin, Germany) 

 Under The Sunrise - Keep It Dirty (2013) 

 The debut album of Under The Sunrise offers 11 Songs, packed with sing-alongs, twostep parts and pit anthems! This is the new generation of Berlin Hardcore, kicked through the door of the local underground scene. For Fans of old Your Demise, Final Prayer, Deez Nuts or Terror this is an absolute must have! Heavy crystal clear sound, meaningfull lyrics, no stupid trends! 

 The CD includes 10 Tracks + 1 Hidden Track 
 1 Intro 
2 Homeport 
3 Faceplant 
4 Growing Up 
5 Dirty Hands 
6 S.I.M.S. 
7 6" Screws 
8 Restless 
9 Legend 
10 K.I.D. 
11 Pfandhunt 

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