Rise in Sorrow

(Arecibo-Coamo-Aibonito, Puerto Rico) 

Rise in Sorrow - Rise Over You! (2013) 

 1. Intro 
2. Stab In The Back 
3. Between My Enemies 
4. Our Way 
5. Many Many Friends Ft. Ben Da Crown 
6. En Familia 
7. Bullet 
8. The Struggle Never Ends Ft. Tropi 
9. Guess Who's Back 
10. Haters Gonna Hate Ft. Baez Rivera 
11. Cheers Tonight 

xYOGIx - vocal 
Jorge aka hulkgito - drummer 
Orlando aka TROPI - guitar 
Arnaldo aka Che - bass 
Jose aka Bertito - 2nd guitar 

 By Band Request 


 Rise in Sorrow many many friends


  1. Gracias hermano!! saludos desde Puerto Rico! Asi que dalen Download! att. Rise in Sorrow-Bassist!


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