[Hardcore Metal] [Death Metal] 
(Gießen, Germany) 

 Depravation - II:MALEDICTVM (2013) 

 Tracklist – II:MALEDICTVM 
1. Intro 
2. Wrath 
3. Opaque 
4. Filth 
5. Pestilence 
6. Instrumental 
7. Malfunction 
8. Ruins 
9. Outro 

 We’ve got our first full-length “II:MALEDICTVM” out now and it’s available for name-your-price (aka. free) download at our bandcamp page. Depravation was founded in December 2011. In March 2012 we’ve released our demo-tape “I:PRAEDICTVM” ( and played a bunch of shows. Our new album “II:MALEDICTVM” was released on vinyl by Life And Death Records and Dark Omen Records and recorded at “Die Tonmeisterei” in Oldenburg in January 2013. The Artwork comes from Szymon Siech. 

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