Penitentiary new full length to drop this year on Upstate Records.

Embrace the Hostility will be releasing their debut full-length “Hated Since Birth”

Rising Metalheads FOR I AM KING Release New Single "PREY"

Life Betrays Us - Promo 2018

H.C.Z (Hard Core Zajecar)


Lies Kill - Coexist (Single December, 2017)

I Love Mosh: Heavyweight Compilation Vol 10

Felon Hate - Odio Criminal (February, 2017)

Corrupt - The Ground You Stand On is Frail (December, 2017)

I LOVE MOSH PRESENTS: D-PELT - Mi Hardcore (2017)

ta bien - demo (2017)

I, immortal - Demo (January 2018)

Distant – Tsukuyomi EP (2017)

100% Cotton - Earth To 100% Cotton

American Standards - ANTI-MELODY (2017)

A.U.R.A. Fest 2018 in Savannah, GA.

SABRETOOTH - Independence Day (2016) [Video]

Hour of Defiance - Reform [New Song 2017]

DEATHWISH will be releasing first EP in October 1st, 2017

FOREVER YOUNG VIKTORIA - Howls Of Protest (EP Review)